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The bamboo calligraphy pens are cut and ready to use. The default pen size is medium.

Calligraphy Pen - Bamboo. No:1

SKU: 600185571373
  • The bamboo calligraphy pen is one of the oldest tools of calligraphy in the world. More than a millennium ago, calligraphers found bamboo to be the ideal tool for a wide variety of calligraphic works, both large- and small-scale.

    This tradition began in Iraq, but later spread to the rest of the world.

    Bamboo's hard edge allows the calligrapher to perform the full spectrum of pen movements, but bamboo also has a suppleness and flexibility that is crucial for calligraphy.

    Our bamboo is the flat-sided species of bamboo preferred by calligraphers for generations. This species is both entirely different from the standard full-round bamboo.

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