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Synthetic gall (Odorless) (1/2fl oz.)

Synthetic gall (Odorless) (1/2fl oz.)

  • Synthetic gall and extender are solutions to adjust the consistency of colors.
    It increases the circumference and the flow of the paints.

    In order to have ebru colors to spread on the surface of the liquid and to prevent them from sinking, we use gall, which is a surface-active substance, breaking and regulating the surface tension. It also prevents colors from blending. Gall is a secretion of the liver, involved in the digestion of lipids.

    Balancing the amount of gall we put in the colors is the most important and the hardest part of Ebru-making. While first colors spread easily, since there is little surface tension, we need to add more gall in the following colors as the tension builds up with more colors. Unbalanced colors may sink, may be fragmented or even smudge when we take it on paper.

    Pour the paint into a separate container, and add 1-2 drops of the gall or extender. After you mix it, use a needle tool to sample a drop or two of paint onto the surface of the water. If necessary, add another 1-2 drops at a time.

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