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This thickener is produced artificially and partly contains natural content

Thickener Extra - 100gr. (Koza)

SKU: 600185571199
  • This thickener is less expensive to use than the carageen.

    It is mixed with water and ensures that groundwater gets a consistency where you can sprinkle color and work with them without that they sink in water.


    The extract used as a thickener is from the Geven plant (lat. Astragalus). It grows in the mountains of Anatolia, Iran, Pakistan, and in some parts of the Caucasus. The plant is harvested in the early summer, in order to collect the resin from the stem. It’s dried in the sun and is transformed into “leaf kitre”. In the old days, you would need 2 weeks to infuse the leaves and prepare the solution. Fortunately, now you can buy a ready-made extract.


    The extract is already dried and crushed into a powder, allowing you to be ready to paint in 12-24 hours.

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